ok but does anyone else ever just

yes…yes i do



i’m much too attached to my aloneness 

Holy shit this reached over 1000 notes I’m crying


"I see you’ve made it to Team Rocket. Had enough with the good guys, I see? Funny. You had such a promising career. I wonder what went wrong?

Oh right, I don’t care. Just get whatever job you’re assigned done quickly, effectively, and efficiently because if you don’t, Lord Giovanni won’t like you so much. And trust me, that’s a very bad thing around these parts.”

RocketHQ is a fun, creative AU roleplay that allows members to play both canon and original characters. We’re also open to all verses, whether they’re gameverse, mangaverse, animeverse or any sort of mixture of the three.

We have plenty of spots open on our masterlist, and we’re always looking for new members who want to join in on the fun, so feel free to take a look around if you’re interested.

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Anonymous whispered:
can you just let the whole thing that happened with aaron go its been months now and he apologized



Do you think I honestly care about their feelings now.

They almost ruined my reputation as an RPer, I almost gave up rping because of them and if it wasn’t for the support of the others I probably would have. It’s people like them that are the reason the Pokemon RP community gets a bad name with their fucking two faced attitude and general bullshit. 

Some of the things they said were just downright vile and they honestly deserve to feel the burn of it every single day, because they thought they could get away with it and then the moment they get found out they try to apologize like everything is okay.

Seriously if they truly felt sorry for it they wouldn’t have done the it in the first place. They’re honestly just sorry cause they got caught by all of us.

Honestly I’ve gotten over it, I really have. What’s in the past is in the past, but that doesn’t mean I have to forgive them. They don’t deserve my forgiveness for the shit that they said, not just about me but about the others as well. And I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I and the others went through. 

Coming from someone who was also there to see when it happened, the fact you are mentioning this now after in your words, 'its been months now'  out of nowhere, pretty much screams how butthurt you all still are about the whole thing. 

Personally, I agree with NewtonGraceLand here 100% since that Aaron rper was on the surface, a pretty alright person within the group as a whole. But then someone actually just happened to stumble across their Twitter to find that they had been talking complete shit about her, and taking screenshots of things in the group and on the dashboard to make fun of for really no good reason other than to be an incredible two-faced dick. 

No one did anything to make this person angry, we weren’t even aware they were publicly humiliating one of our friends on Twitter for a couple months then. We called them out on it, they went ballistic for getting caught, and tried to apologize. In their words at least. And then deleted their account not even a couple hours later of being found out. When they joined another group who wanted to affiliate with us a short time later, we found a new twitter account made by the Aaron-mun (they didn’t do a very good job covering it up the second time either), they were starting to do the same to their Cheren, actually. 

So we just warned the mods and showed them the links, and that was the end of that. Frankly, nobody cares if your RP experiences after being caught for doing something that was completely fucking douchy has been shitty ever since. That was like March-April, bro. 

We’ve moved on, and you deserve the humiliation of what you did. NewtonGraceLand is a nice person, we were all nothing but nice to you too. So, yeah. You basically did this to yourself man there’s no one else to blame but yourself. 

If you insist on bringing it up when no one can give less of a fuck now, then it means you’re still butthurt. And that’s pretty fucking sad if you wanna hear the truth of it. 

As far as this goes, I legitimately don’t know what else to say that hasn’t already been said.

I’m dusting off my goddamn personal blog, because I want to get this story out there as much as I possibly can. Because people need to know about the bullshit that was going on behind closed doors. And in all honesty? I hope people reblog this.

You don’t deserve forgiveness for what you’ve done. If you think you can just write some sort of half-assed apology letter and wipe your hands clean of this whole mess, then you’ve got another thing coming. Are you afraid of your reputation getting ruined because of this? Do people not want to roleplay with you anymore on account of your past actions? I wouldn’t blame them. You should have made it a point to think about that before you thought it was a good idea to mock the people who were nothing but kind and welcoming to you behind their backs. You’re nothing but a bully, plain and simple. You think you’re high and mighty so long as you have your friends stroking your ego, and the people you’re making fun of haven’t the slightest idea, but the moment you figure out the gig is up, you proceed to panic.

So it’s been months? Does that do anything to change what you did? Because I sure as hell don’t think so, and I’m positive the rest of the people you decided to mock don’t buy that excuse, either. Don’t come around begging for forgiveness when you clearly don’t deserve it- and don’t come whining to people to get over it when clearly the only one with a problem here is you.

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SHE IS I could have filled the page with so much more, but that’s what my Mom wanted me to write. uvu

I might do Mocha next, but she hates having her picture taken.

My Mom wanted me to do a thing.

i don’t even go on this blog and i have a post in the queue that was supposed to post in february but it didn’t and now i’m wondering when the hell did i set it to post what did i do

Sometimes I think I’m over Burial at Sea: Episode 2.

Then I just look at the tag and



i’m so sorry i just need to organize my reference tag so warning for long post and organization system that only makes sense to me


things i’d put under writing references but aren’t actually specifically for writing













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again very sorry for the hella long post but maybe this’ll be useful to some of you

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comes to the realization that i will never properly tablet

Help! Emergency Commissions


Guys, I really need your help. We have a friend who has fallen into a really serious bit of trouble. His car was recently completely destroyed, which is VERY bad, because he relies on it to get to his job, which is a half-hour commute. He’s likely going to need to find a new job, but this will of course take a while.

In the meantime, he is living in a communal apartment, relying on food stamps, and gets no support whatsoever from his family. They hate him. He really, really needs help. I am going to put a donate button up, but for the time being-

I’m opening up commissions with the goal of supporting him in whatever small way I can. I would very, very much appreciate if you would consider buying one, or at least reblogging this post. 

I’m not going to make these in my normal price range because the situation is urgent. As such:

Digital sketches- $6

Finished lineart- $10

Simple colored or monochrome pieces- $15

EDIT: Our Paypal address is

Please, please boost this. This guy is an AMAZINGLY nice human being and has done a lot for us. It would mean a ton to me if we could help him in return.

You can see examples of my work here

Thank you.